Shower (and not the wet kind)

Last weekend I took a little trip to Houston, TX to suprise my lovely sister Lindsay with a bridal shower. Not only did she not know the bridal shower was happening, she ALSO didn’t know I was flying in.
I really enjoy the covert ops…especially when I can pull it off. I must admint that I was probably able to do so because I live a few states away. People have told me that my face is expressive and I can’t really hide anything. I like to think of it as being open, but I guess the FBI isn’t for me. National security resting on my eye expression? Probably not so much…
Here are the highlights of the weekend:

Do you think she was suprised? This picture is amazing for more than one reason…but mostly because I finally go the timing right on my digital camera! Don’t you HATE the delay?

One of the weird things about planning a shower long distance is that you don’t really know anyone. 🙂 But my sister chooses good friends…they were all really fun to hang out with and we had a blasted good time.

This is our sick/drugged out model picture. I personally think I am a DEAD RINGER for Tyra Banks. 🙂

Awww…how CUTE! Here’s the boy that come March will change the Haddock family forever. It will be nice to have a brother!


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