me vs.the ant

There are a lot of things I miss about Santa Clarita, CA. I miss PBC, all the people I was privileged to know, Stonefire, Trader Joe’s, etc. etc. But do you know what I DON’T miss at all? Ant infestation.

Those of you that have not lived there cannot truly appreciate the rage that fills my being when is see the shadow trails of the ant in cupboards, closets, on floors. Ew. It isn’t cute, and almost nothing can incite me to anger as quickly as that can.

Now, you might say, “Amy. It’s just a little ant. You are bigger than they are! Why do you get so worked up?” Nothing that I haven’t asked myself, my friend. Nothing that I haven’t asked myself. The answer? THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS! Waves and waves of ants coming through cracks under doors, into spaces. You clean one place and then it fills with ants again. Those little tiny bodies can access places that one would never think of and therefore, the force can regroup and mount another offensive.

Now, those theologians out there will probably say something like, “Doesn’t it say in Scripture that the sluggard should go to the ant, consider her ways and be wise?” I have no problem with the concept that they are tenatious, perseverant workers. But MUST they unite against me???


One thought on “me vs.the ant

  1. Shay says:

    Amy… Bethany fears the ants too.. and quite honestly. I hate em’!

    Thanks for the comment! I’m actually wearing green now, does that count?

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