New Things

Okay, so I have been told that I don’t post enough. To right this terrible, terrible wrong that I am inflicting on all 3 of the readers of my blog, here are 5 things that are new with me.

1. My haircut. I decided that growing my hair out just because I was too lazy to get a haircut days were over. it is now shoulder length, flips out with minimal styling and I have shorter bangs. These make me look younger, but HEY! I’m at that age where I’m wondering if that’s such a bad thing. I’m SO old. I saw a gray hair yesterday. But in all fairness, it might have just been the lighting. Who can tell?

2. My Wal-Mart discovery. I really like that Naked Juice fruit smoothie juice that is sold for a bazillion dollars a thimble full at most grocers. Sadly, I was unable to keep up with my fruit induced habit due to the cost (a thimble full only takes one so far…). HOWEVER, while I was in super Wal-Mart, I discovered a marvelous thing…Bolthouse farms. No, it is not a farm. I haven’t bought the farm (ha!). It’s a similar beverage for only $2.88 a bottle. Naturally, I stocked up and am a little concerned that I will turn blue from all the blueberries and anti-oxidents that I am consuming.

3. My MySpace Account. Okay, so to be fair, this isn’t as new as the other two items, but i’m just figuring out how to work the dumb thing and it is kind of fun to see everyone’s pages (all 8 of my friends) and connect with people I haven’t talked with in a long time. I still forget to check it but have now figured out the following important discoveries. (A) Searching people by their first and last names doesn’t work that well. (B) How to post pictures on it. (C) That people that try to be your friends may or may not know you. That kind of weirds me out.

4. My Cough. I’ve spent the past week trying desperately to claw myself back to health. Colorado has really not been good for my health. Now, granted, I am not on death’s door or anything, but the cough has been an unpleasant addition to the road to recovery. It makes me think of “Runaway Bride” and the radio show ‘Wake up with Phlegm’. Thank you, don’t mind if I do.

5. My Love of the Waltons. Really, this is just a renewed love. Kind of like a “re-dedication” if you will. I located a few shows on the Hallmark channel last weekend and forced my roommate to sit down and watch an episode with me. It brought back good times of when my sisters and I would get all wrapped up in Jim-Bob’s latest escapade and Mary Ellen’s latest drama. Ah, those were the days. For those of you that have never seen the show, you don’t know what you are missing.

So that’s me. By the way, if the Spangler’s are reading this blog, you should know that I’ve never been more happy to have the “hug” blanket. It’s pure fuzzy medicine for the soul. 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Things

  1. Greg and Niki says:

    We wish we were doing the hugging and not the blanket! Thanks for the five new things, it makes us feel less far away from our favorite Amy. We miss you!

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