The Frightful Weather Outside

The last few days have been interesting ones for me…and for the state of Colorado. Snow started to fall on Tuesday night and didn’t stop until just recently. I was snowed in on Wednesday and Thursday…without internet and the ability to do my job from home and later on without the news or weather updates (our cable went out too). I suppose there is strength in numbers, though…here’s a few things that happened in lieu of the snow.

– The wind was blowing in some areas at 50 mph, and vehicles were stranded in white out conditions. My area of Colorado was declared to be in a state of emergency and they dispatched the National Guard to help rescue the stranded people on the roads.
– Most of the local businesses and schools closed on Wednesday and later on all business were urged to close down.
– Most local roads and the major interstates were closed down for a solid day making sure we stayed put
– Both the Colorado Springs and Denver airports closed, trapping countless holiday travelers and relegating yours truly to a flight on 12/25 instead of 12/21.
– My roommate and I logged in a total of 3 movies in one day

I won’t lie…Thursday was a dark day for me. I was so looking forward to being in West Virginia with my family and finally being with people (namely my parents) that have known me from birth. There’s something about the holidays that doesn’t seem complete without the fam. That with a few other emotional upheavals made it for a hard day.

Nevertheless, the Lord knew the snow would come…even more than that he created it! So here are a few pictures for your enjoyment in the following post. Wild, wonderful Colorado!

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


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