Magical Colorado Trees

I don’t know what they put in the water here, but Paul and Melanie went and cut their tree down in typical Colorado fashion and got this ginormous tree (for those of you that have not seen ‘Elf’, that means REALLY BIG!). It looked normal sized in the back of Paul’s truck, but when I they put it in their dining room I realized that there was something very different about this tree. I’m not going to mess with it…it could take me!

By contrast, my roommate and I decide to forgo the tree-cutting-down adventure for several reasons. First of all, we don’t own a hand saw. Secondly, we would have to carry it. Thirdly, we barely have an iota of space for the 4′ tree that we got at Wal-Mart. And this tree that we decided on has it’s advantages in that we can keep it year round….that is, providing we don’t kill it first.


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