Reflections on Christmas

Most of you that know me well know how much I love the holiday season of which we are now a part. I think given the extravagant window displays, the innundation with products via commercials and insane amounts of Chistmas trees losing life and limb to the holiday season shows that I am not alone in this sentiment.

However, there are many people out there (you know who you are) that not only don’t get into the holidays but are opposed to Christmas music and all decorations and pretty much only care about the fact that Christmas gives them a vacation off of work. I want all of you out there to know that although I am on the other side of this misguided feeling, I can understand where you are coming from.

While driving on ice to work a few days this week, I was prompted to reflect on why I love Christmas so much. Being the overly analytical person that I am, I proceeded to categorize my feelings on this season of yule into 2 categories. (I just lost about half of you, didn’t I?)

Category 1 – I Love Christmas as a Remembrance of Christ’s Birth
Reading through the Christmas story this year, one thing stood out to me more than it has in years past…the fact that so much of what happened required a deep and rooted trust in the Lord. Joseph flew in the face of public opinion and took Mary as his wife just because God told him too. Mary accepted her role as the mother of Jesus and trusted that God would work things all out for the good of mankind. The wise men took a VERY long trek trusting that they would see the Messiah and be able to worship Him…it all just goes on and on.

It prompted me to think that in order for Mary, Joseph and all involved to respond in the way they did to some PRETTY UNUSUAL circumstances, their faith and trust in the Lord was ALREADY grounded. Every small step in their life and their committment to God was leading up to the point where they would be used more than any other humans in history to accomplish his plans.

Category 2 – I Love Christmas as a Themed Holiday
I love that everything turns magical (the house lights and decorations, the general feeling of a merriment that encompasses everything). I love pulling out the decorations that only come out once a year and working on projects like Christmas cookies and cards.

It is possibly the only time of year that the “fun” mail in my mailbox outweighs the bills and pointless flyers for someone who lives in an apartment. I get to ‘catch up’ with people that I haven’t seen in eons.

But mostly, I love the fact that only at Christmas can you hear 17 thousand versions of the same timeless Christmas songs. It’s like a mix CD!

And then there is the fact that I get to fly out of whatever state I reside in and visit my family, eat the typical Christmas delicacies like frog-eyed salad and spritz cookies and peanut butter fudge.

However, I must say, that after New Year’s comes a depression that is only worsened when I realize that I can no longer write the date on auto-pilot. But for today I’m going to enjoy the season that is flying by.


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