What you’ve all been waiting for! (no, it’s not Christmas)

Here are the much anticipated pictures. Hopefully this blog won’t be like one of those movies that you see the preview for in the theater and anxiously await its “Summer of 2220” release, then go and see it and feel you have wasted 3 hours that you’ll never get back. First of all, if you spend 3 hours on my blog, then you are working REALLY hard to not be doing something else 🙂
Leave a comment and let me know what you think of things!

This is my new roommate, Anne. Please excuse my retarded hair, we had a rushed morning. Somehow both of us forgot the time that choir practice started until about 5 mintues before. 🙂

This is my other new roommate, Susie. She’s not really a demon dog, I just don’t have those cool computer programs that you can change eye color of pictures and super-impose George Bush into the shot. Come to think about it, the world might be a better place because I don’t have it…

As you walk into the condo and look on the right, you would see this…on the left is a long wall…

Here’s more of the kitchen. Please note the Yankee Pumpkin Spice candle in the forefront. It was in my storage tub and melted on it’s side. This weekend in what I can only deem the “Candle Project” I managed to use a candle warmer combined with toothpicks, a knife, my fingers, scissors and pure ingenuity to restore it to an almost normal candle. The real test will be if it actually burns…let’s hope!

My favorite feature of the kitchen is the hardwood floor appearance (I think it’s probably lamenant). Also, on the fridge is pictures of all you people and the freezer holds all the cards I’ve gotten since I’ve been here. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, guys!


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