John’s Room

No, I do not have a roommate named John. Here are pictures of the bathroom. I must confess that I feel very odd posting pictures of a bathroom, but in the name of throuroughness I felt that it could not very well be left out…

Okay, you’ll note that the couch is on the left hand side (take my word for it). If you go straight, you would enter the bathroom. If you went left you would be in Anne’s room and if you went right you’d be in mine.

Here’s the right side of the bathroom…

Okay, let’s be honest about it. Mostly, i’m posting this picture so that you can see my stellar organization of my jewlrey. I had a lot of fun with that. 🙂

On the left side there’s not much to see except a towel rack. If you’ve never seen a towel rack before, let me know and I’ll e-mail you a picture. 🙂

There is a SECRET CLOSET that contains the washer and dryer (it’s behind the door). Cool. eh?


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